Secrets of winter. 

These leaves and trees are beyond their colour, beyond their season. 

A part of my vulnerable words and your thousand thoughts. 

The benches are not empty they are holding the grief of autumn, chasing the cold secrets of winter. 



When I say that I don’t feel anymore, it doesn’t mean that I have been successful in getting over you. 

It’s just means that I no longer permit myself to get hurt by your changing emotions, your broken promises and divided love. 

I’m not letting your sugar coated- words get me wounded again. 

I’m still loving you but in an unconditional and in a detached way. 

In that uncomfort I do remember your fake smiles and I do cherish my regretting soul. 

Yes, I’m seeking detachment. I want to explore all the positive sides of my thankful life and not the roller- coasters of emotions that your love always put me through. 

I’m being stable. I’m getting detached. 


Her own world. 

A small world full of insanity  but somehow she keeps feeding on sanity, 

A world of healing words  with a pinch of emotions and Kanye, 

A fire  that lightens and brightens up her whole universe rather than burning her soul, 

Thousand desires  which always takes her to the dreamland  for which her heart craves all the time, 

Darling, you can’t reckon it’s enigma because she is much more than a cindrella story. 


Emotionally vulnerable. 

Two words, still uncoded need to be decoded, 

Does it make any sense to you? 

May be you are too cold, 

May be you do realise the intense effects, but the are affecting me more than you. 

How can I not Conquer that yet, 

Too many thoughts, still vulnerable 

Aching heart, still vulnerable 

This blanket of vulnerability has been an unwanted force to me. 

Making me feel those buried demonic, emotional sides of my chaotic veins. 

Feeling of being stared deep down into my soul, 

Trying to capture my every second step of crumbling feels,

I’m getting closer and closer. 

Yes, I’m on the peak of uncertainty, severe slump, falling off, dwindling in that familiar world again. 

There’s no escape, no home feeling. 

And I’m waiting for you to help me crossing these roads of vulnerability, 

What if I’m expecting much more, 

May be someday you will be the reason to close all those doorstop shaky heights for me,

Am I in a need of a familiar touch of your soft and tender fingers, 

Yes, I recognise them, 

But do you have courage to feel my cold hands, 

You are just watching me falling off, 

You are not there, it’s just a reflection of my own thoughts,

But I’m still here, 

On the peak of vulnerability, 

Don’t let me down, ever.